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We’re Ready for the Next Challenge

We have recently completed one of the most fun and rewarding jobs in our recent history.  Every year or so, one major new challenge comes along, major either because of the size or the complexity or installation timing.  This year it was a church that was remodeling a good portion of their main building.  In the process they required a new commercial fire alarm system, a new burglar alarm system, an access control system and an 11 camera video surveillance system.  The fire alarm system utilized a Honeywell intelligent panel and about 90 devices along with a cellular alarm communicator that must produce a “heartbeat” signal to the central station every 5 minutes.  It was interfaced with the sprinkler system and the whole system was design approved on the first submittal to the fire department and operationally approved by the fire department on the first visit after system completion.

The burglar alarm system, in order to save money, had to be wireless and yet work in steel framed buildings and across the church campus to out buildings.  Using the new DSC Neo system, we installed wireless door contacts, wireless motion sensors, wireless sirens and (4) wireless keypads to complete a system that acts like 4 different systems in each of the 4 different buildings but is connected to one main panel saving huge money on monthly monitoring charges.  Instead of 4 monitoring bills for 4 systems, they only pay one.

The video surveillance system was very typical EXCEPT for one camera that was to look over a playground from a building with no physical connection to the main building where all the other cameras and the DVR were to be located.  Using a TrendNet, 2 piece outdoor access point, we were able to “beam” the playground camera signal from an outbuilding to the main building for integration with the DVR.

The access control system was also very typical EXCEPT that we were interfacing with an existing magnetic door lock system instead of replacing it, again to save money.  We investigated the operation of the existing system and found a way to utilize it’s control board to provide the lock and unlock mechanics when triggered by the new system we were installing.  The church now has a two door system that can be accessed by PIN code or proximity tag, whichever each user prefers.

We’re ready for the next challenge, whatever that may be.  Bring it on!