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Traveling Over the Holidays?

Leaving home for the Holidays? Burglars love this time of year. Obviously empty homes everywhere for one or two weeks! This Christmas, if you’re leaving town, don’t make your absence so obvious. Some simple basics will make your home appear lived in, even though you’re gone. 1) Put some lights you regularly use on timers set to mimic your actual use of those lights. 2) Leave the stereo or a TV on (or also on a timer). 3) Have a neighbor pick up any hand bills, yellow pages or other items left on your porch or driveway. 4) Have a neighbor get your mail so it isn’t overflowing in your mail box. 5) If there is snow on the ground, have a neighbor drive up your driveway. Nothing says “nobody home” more clearly than virgin snow on the driveway. Do these simple things even if you have an alarm system; it might just save you a broken window or door. Merry Christmas from Sierra Security.