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The Versatility of a “Smart Outlet”

One of the best self “security” devices I’ve seen in a long time…the smart outlet.  Simply put, it is a small outlet that plugs into a standard outlet and connects to your home WiFi network allowing you to control the outlet via your smart phone!  You can set up schedules, delays to the schedules and control the outlet manually with an app downloaded from the manufacturers web site via a QR code included in the packaging.  What a fantastic way to control lights, a TV, stereo system and anything else in your home to make your home look lived in while you are away.  No more fixed schedules that burglars casing a home can figure out (same lights on and off, same time every day with standard timers). Now you can just turn electrical devices on and off whenever you feel like it.  Also great for people who don’t like coming home to a dark house.  Simply turn lights on before arriving and enter into a brightly lit house.  Now I can control my alarm system, my heating and air conditioning and my lights, all at my convenience.