Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Most commercial buildings are required, by the local jurisdiction (fire department or building permit department), to have a monitored fire alarm system and/or a fire suppression system (i.e. sprinklers).  Systems must be designed around a recent revision of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) code book.  The NFPA code dictates location of devices, spacing of devices, intensity of visual and audible indicators, monitoring of sprinkler systems, system monitoring specifications and many other considerations that must be taken into account when designing a system.

At Sierra Security we have designed simple systems like for a small day care center in Post Falls all the way up to intelligent systems such as for a large church and school in Hayden.  We work with the local fire departments to design systems that will meet NFPA code and local requirements so sign-off on system completion is a one visit demonstration to the authority that meets their approval.

Sierra Security supervises all electrical wiring and system installation by our partner Eastlake Electric and our technicians program all system components upon completion.  We demonstrate all system functions to the fire department and perform a live system test that is timed by the fire department and must be under a specific time for sign off.  We also train the owner in the proper use of the system, provide as-built drawings and assist in any ongoing maintenance requirements.

Owners and building contractors can rely on Sierra Security for trouble-free fire alarm installations in commercial remodels, new construction, or just life safety upgrades.  Please call us for a no-obligation review of your requirements. 1-888-346-2013