Business Security

Businesses without an alarm system are four and a half times more likely to be burglarized than businesses with an alarm system. Imagine showing up at your business to find your computers gone, your office ransacked and inventory missing.

Businesses are targeted by burglars because it is obvious when the business is unoccupied. Businesses also tend to have computers, cash, tools and other items easily converted to cash. A small investment in an alarm system can prevent a burglary from becoming something much larger than just a broken door. An alarm system is a huge deterrent.

The same burglary alarm system can also help protect your business from flood, fire, or frozen pipes, giving added peace of mind that your business is secure, even when you are not there. We can even help you track the flow of employees with a smart phone app that allows you to fully control your system remotely and get customized text alerts when something happens (arming or disarming, alarm, trouble) or even when something doesn’t happen by a certain time.

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