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Powerful New Wireless Alarm Products

Sierra Security has recently completed our first two installations using DSC’s new NEO product line.  The original idea behind this product line was to deploy an exclusive “spread spectrum” wireless technology capable of vastly increasing the effective range and wireless reliability of system devices.  In the past, wireless technologies could be a bit finicky and devices mounted on metal surfaces or systems with a good amount of metal in the building were problematic.  In many cases, to avert false alarms, we’ve had to install the actual radio frequency device off of metal surfaces (like on the wall above the door), and then hard wire the device to contacts on the door or window being protected.  Aesthetically, this is not the most desirable method of protect a door in a retail location as there is wires showing between the device and the contacts.

One of our NEO installations was residential; a house and a shop about 100 yards apart.  The brains of the system were installed in the garage of the house with a wireless keypad inside the garage entry and wireless door and window sensors, with wireless area motion sensors, in both the house and shop.  Since installation in early December 2016, we have had ZERO false alarms and communication issues.

The second NEO system installed was a combined commercial/residential application; an auto and boat repair facility (4 bays and office space), with living quarters above the shop and office and a separate building located on the property about 80 yards away from the main building, used for boat storage.  The installation included door and window contacts and motion sensors throughout all three distinct areas, with keypads in each area and each area partitioned off to act as its own system.  Since installation in early November 2016 we have had ZERO false alarms and communication issues.

Although the NEO systems are a bit more expensive than traditional DSC systems, in the right application NEO is simply the only system that we are going to trust for care free ownership and management.