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New Life for Older Alarms (we have an app for that)

We have recently concluded testing an ingenious device designed to bring older DSC  alarm panels into the 21st century.  The Envisalink 4 is a very affordable retrofit device allowing smart phone control, Internet monitoring and event messaging on your DSC 5010, 1616 or 1832 panel.  Previously, if you wanted an app or web portal to control and view your alarm system, the alarm panel and any keypads had to be updated to the latest model and a cellular communicator added.  When we offered this kind of upgrade for around five hundred dollars, we had very few takers.

The Envisalink 4 can be retrofit onto your existing system, including labor, for $149.00 plus tax.  And, since the Envisalink 4 allows your system to be monitored via the Internet, you can cancel your phone line used for monitoring, saving up to $45.00 per month!  (Internet monitoring adds $5.00 to your existing monitoring rate).

The system can be programmed to send messages to your cell phone or email address when the system is armed or disarmed (including which code was used), when there are system troubles or an alarm occurs.  The Android app and the mobile web portal (which look the same), show the real time status of the system including whether armed or disarmed and the open/closed status of each zone.  Both allow bypassing of individual zones and a history of recent activity on the system can be viewed at any time.  All these features make your alarm system much more flexible and user friendly for an active, on the go lifestyle.

We have thoroughly tested this device with the most common panels that we installed back to 1999 with great success and are excited to offer this as a very affordable upgrade to your system.  Please call us at 949-588-9870 or email us at to schedule your system upgrade.