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Johnny Come Lately???

Has your cable company or internet provider solicited you for alarm monitoring yet? If not, they will soon. AT&T, Time Warner, Comcast, Suddenlink, and many others have decided that the alarm system monitoring business model fits well with their current model. The only problem is their experience in the alarm industry. One non-monitored customer who had a system in her house that we installed 10 years ago called recently asking where the alarm system was located. AT&T sold her on a “digital” alarm system and their technicians had been at her house three hours and had not yet located the existing system (which is cleverly disguised in a 12 by 12 locked box in the master bedroom closet with our company logo on it!). Is this the kind of alarm system support you want from the company monitoring your alarm system?

When approached by an alternate provider whose primary business is NOT alarm monitoring, ask the technicians some simple questions.

1) What is a “digital” system and what advantages does it have, functionally, over the system I have now? (hint, all alarm systems manufactured over the past 15 years are digital).

2) How long has this company been in the alarm monitoring business?

3) Where is their central station located? Local?

4) Is their initial monitoring rate a “teaser” rate like their super low cable and internet rates that are designed to get new customers and then go up to “normal” after a year?

5) Is their monitoring center actively involved in YOUR local alarm industry professional associations?

If you don’t get a great feeling that the answers to these questions were not just made up on the fly, don’t compromise your monitoring. It’s your home and family that you’re protecting. Leave it up to professionals that have been in the business more than a couple years.