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DIY Residential Cameras

We constantly get asked, no, almost begged to install residential surveillance cameras.  Our resounding answer to homeowners is, “No”.  There are two reasons for this.

First, most homeowners have had something happen recently and they want to “catch” the person.  No offense, but it really doesn’t work that way.  The chance of getting useable video for the local authorities is extremely slim, and most police agencies do not have facial recognition software, yet.  Plus, for probably the last 5 years, every time we’ve quoted camera systems for residences, the homeowner opts not to spend that kind of money.  We do high end systems for schools, churches and manufacturing.

Which brings us to the second point:  We just cannot be competitive with what is available on Amazon or at Best Buy.  Given that statement, there are some very good DIY systems available from companies who have the technical support available in the remote chance you run into problems.

We generally do not endorse products we don’t sell but we recently helped an existing alarm customer install an Arlo brand camera at her front door.  Arlo cameras are readily available at Costco, Amazon and others.  This is not an amateur style camera.  These are high definition (1080p) cameras with built in motion sensing (adjustable range) that are perfect for around the house.  They are not the least expensive out there but they are worth the difference.  They are battery operated so they can be installed almost anywhere.  (The mfg. says the battery life is about 3 months).

The base station, which the cameras communicate with and connects to the Internet, was extremely easy and quick to set up and get connected.  Several mounting options are available to make positioning the cameras easy to whatever the application.  An automatic iris adjusts the cameras light sensitivity to whatever the surroundings and the motion detection is outstanding.  The operation of the camera is customizable but we set this customer’s unit up to pull up the picture on her cell phone when someone was about 10 ft. from the front door and it worked flawlessly.

If you’re shopping our site for surveillance systems for your home, please check Amazon for Arlo cameras and save yourself a good deal of green.