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COVID-19 Response (Keep Yourself SAFE)

State governors releasing murderers and rapists while forcing “shelter in place” for law abiding citizens.  Houston Mayor pleading with criminals to refrain from crime until the COVID-19 is beat back.  Abortion clinics deemed “necessary” but gun stores closed.  Relief bill delayed while members of congress tried to stuff “pork” into the bill.  Police issuing a simple summons for burglary, auto theft, shoplifting.  Door to door searches by state National Guard troops, check points at state borders, talk of forced quarantine, hotlines for snitching on neighbors, tracking citizens by their cell phones? There is something MUCH larger than a flu virus going on here. Does this sound like your elected officials are concerned about you?

Take responsibility for yourself. 

  • We are NOT advocating that people who have no experience go out and buy guns and ammo and try to self-train. If you know how to use guns safely, get more.  If you don’t, ask a friend or neighbor who is proficient in firearms for advice on what to buy and how to safely use them.  Take your proficient friend to an outdoor range and practice safe and accurate firearm use.  Guns in the hands of inexperienced users are more of a liability than practical protection.  If your local gun store is open, check to see if they are offering safety and proper usage classes at this time and enroll if they are.
  • Stock up on food. Notice I didn’t say HOARD.  Hoarding is extremely selfish and the reason to stock up on food is not that anyone is predicting shortages but if the supply chain is disrupted for a short time, you’ll have some variety to choose from rather than Top Ramen every night.
  • Get a professionally installed alarm system. Alarm systems help protect your home while you’re away; help protect your family while at home and can alert you to activity in and around your home via text notifications. Copy and paste this URL into your browser and read what is happening.
  • Don’t believe anything you hear on the news; do your own research. It is becoming apparent that this pandemic isn’t nearly as dangerous as it is being portrayed.  Check multiple news sources and compare what the government or any news agency is stating as fact.  Most of the projections being peddled of infection rates and death rates are being generated by computer models which are only as reliable as the data that is input and the people inputting the data.  Remember Global Warming/Climate Change/Global Cooling?  All generated by computer models; never proven by actual events that the “experts” told you, repeatedly, were going to happen.  Initial and subsequently revised infection/death rates are NOT materializing.   They could later but our research shows that they most likely will not.

As much as we all want to think that the government has our backs, in many ways, people in charge are proving that they do not.  It would be easier to believe if the things mentioned above weren’t happening; but they are. As insane as many of these things sound, it all points to one truth…you MUST protect yourself and your family.

Also, keep in mind that any government that temporarily suspends your constitutional rights is most likely not to give them all back.  When was the last time a “temporary” government program didn’t become permanent?