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Cameras for “Home Security”

We constantly get homeowners asking for cameras for “security”. Hollywood, via TV and movies, has created a false narrative that starts with a bad video image of a person that is then software enhanced to finally result in a recognizable facial image fed into a database and the perpetrator is recognized and apprehended. Real life doesn’t work this way and we almost always recommend homeowners not waste money on cameras. If someone broke into your home and you got a decent image of them, where would you take it? The FBI and a very small handful of large, local police agencies even have access to facial recognition software and unless your burglar is already a convicted felon, their face isn’t in the database. And often times, burglars mask their identity by wearing a hoody covering most of their face anyway.
We do install cameras, often, in commercial applications. Local 24 hour access gyms must have cameras to get insurance. Mini storage facilities use cameras to track vandalism, most often occurring after a non-paying renter is locked out of their unit. We’ve even installed cameras on manufacturing processes so a remote user can see and control machinery in the process.
We have a handful of customers who paid us to install cameras on their second homes, but purely for entertainment; so they can see what the weather is like or the lake conditions from their primary homes. Don’t waste your money on cameras for “security”. Like our insurance broker has said “having cameras is a great way to watch your stuff being stolen!”.