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AT&T Alienates Millions of Customers

AT&T has recently announced plans to sunset their 3G cellular service in February of 2022. Unfortunately the alarm industry as a whole has always been a bit behind in wireless technology and there are literally millions of systems out there with 3G communications modules. We expect Verizon to announce their 3G sunset plans very shortly. We have done extensive research into multiple ways and many different products available to upgrade systems, with the goal of providing the most cost effective upgrade options without sacrificing our ability to provide excellent customer service. In light of this, we will no longer be putting alarm systems on the AT&T network. In order to provide the best possible service, the largest coverage area and the network with the most longevity, we will be putting all upgraded and new systems onto the Verizon LTE network which will be viable for the next 10 years + after 3G is sunset. And, since most systems already include some level of remote (phone) control, the features available through the app were very important and we’ve landed on as the product and service provider for all upgrade options. is not the least expensive solution available, but their award winning products and services are the most solid, dependable and best supported in the industry, and will allow us to continue to provide excellent customer service.