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A New View on Cameras

I used to be somewhat of an “anti” camera person.  Most video obtained by reviewing DVR footage results in less than identifiable pictures (ask your local police department…they’ve seen it all).  However, after helping a friend last week hack into her DVR (she forgot her password) and review some footage after her business was vandalized, I was able to pull up and print the actual vandalism being perpetrated and printed out some stills of the perpetrator.  After posting the stills around her business, the perpetrator “fessed up” as he knew he would be identified eventually by other regular customers.  We have also lately seen a very different use of surveillance cameras.  A new customer has hired us to install cameras in an industrial plant so an equipment operator can view various shots of the equipment he is operating, all on one screen.  Nothing to do with security, but everything to do with knowing what is happening in a much broader area than can be viewed physically.  I am definitely going to keep my eyes open with a much broader view of what good quality cameras can do.